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Schooling Options
By no means is this to be a complete guide to schooling your child. Just a few pointers to help get you started on your journey of deciding the best method of schooling for your child.
Public Schooling


It only costs you, the parent, tax money.

No paying for books unless child(ren) destroy or lose them.

Less extra work for you, the parent, in enrolling, etc.


Public schools, in my opinion, tend to be lacking in curriculum, i n comparison to other "developed" countries.

Many public schools aren't safe to drive by, much less attend.

Public school is aimed at the "average intelligence" child. Thus children lower or higher are penalized.

Many public schools are enacting school uniforms, that is additional money out of the parent's pocket.

Private Schooling

Superior curriculum, for the most part, to public schools.

Each child is taught on an individual basis. Thus lower or higher intelligence children are not penalized so much.

Gang violence is almost unheard of in private schools.


Cost. Although many private schools, have different levels of cost, dependent on parent's income, its still a steep price to pay for many.

Child(ren) for the most part, must wear a school uniform. That is an additional cost to you the parent(s).



Safety. No one takes as good of care of your child as you do.

Children taught on an individual basis. Teacher to student ratio is very low.

Cost is nothing due to the fact that homeschooling is part of public school service.


Little chance of socialization of child(ren).

Must enroll child(ren) in other activities in order to ensure socialization.

Must avail yourself for the hours prescribed by your individual State and County, to teaching your child(ren)
Do you have comments on the different schooling methods? If so email me.

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