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Recommended Reading
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Guide to Baby Products  - First published nearly 20 years ago, this guide, now in its fourth edition, provides consumers with authoritative information on product safety, as well as convenience and durability. Consists of a quick- reference buying guide, a comprehensive product listing by product type, Consumer Reports ratings and recommendations, and a list of product recalls with manufacturers' addresses and phone numbers. 
Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Equipment, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More! - The average cost of providing for a new baby can top $5,000 in the first year alone. Baby Bargains shows parents how to save money while selecting the best brands and the safest products. This fourth edition includes extensive charts comparing name-brand cribs, strollers, and more; a new section on bassinets, car seats, and bicycle child carriers; and a completely updated guide to catalogs, online stores, and bargain Web sites. 
Toddler Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Toddler Furniture, Clothing, Shoes, Travel Gear, Toys, and More - The terrible twos? Make that the terrible two-thousands. On average, it takes $2,000 per year to raise a toddler, which makes bargain hunting with an eye for quality a necessity. In this follow-up to their best-selling Baby Bargains, Denise and Alan Fields point parents of toddlers to the best deals. Topics include decor on a shoestring; ten ways to avoid wasting money on clothes; reviews and ratings of booster seats; reviews of name-brand potty seats and other toilet-training aids; the truth about "toddler meals" and where to eat out with children; great deals on strollers, bike helmets, carriers, and other on-the-go gear; toy, book, and CDROM recommendations by age; finding the right preschool, toddler classes, and swimming lessons; tips for family vacations (and how to survive them); and more. Illustrations throughout add to this wealth of information. 
Active Parenting of Teens Parent's Guide - The Active Parenting method--which emphasizes open communication and democratic parenting--has been used by millions of parents to raise confident, cooperative children. This guide provides parents with the skills they need to communicate effectively with their teens, encourage better behavior, use positive discipline techniques and teach responsibility. Addresses today's critical teen issues, including drugs, violence, alcohol and sexuality. 
Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic - Recently, temperament traits have come to the forefront of child development theory. In Raising Your Spirited Child, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka's first contribution is to redefine the "difficult child" as the "spirited" child, a child that is, as she says, MORE. Many people are leery about books that are too quick to "type" kids, but Kurcinka, a parent of a spirited child herself and a parent educator for 20 years, doesn't fall into that trap. Instead, she provides tools to understanding your own temperament as well as your child's. When you understand your temperamental matches--and your mismatches--you can better understand, work, live, socialize, and enjoy spirit in your child. By reframing challenging temperamental qualities in a positive way, and by giving readers specific tools to work with these qualities, Kurcinka has provided a book that will help all parents, especially the parents of spirited children, understand and better parent their children.