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I Here are some links either given to me or that I found on my own. I have checked each listed link and to so far all are active. I am not accountable for the content of the links' pages. However, I have tried to ensure that all are family orientated or family acceptable. If you encounter a "dead link" please email me. This will be a constantly changing page as new sites are found by me and others that I feel should be added. Please bookmark this page so you can return!  Happy Surfing!

Kids Sites
Huntington Learning Center - A free dowloadable flash-card style game aimed at improving vocabulary skills for students preparing for the SAT exam.
Huntington Learning Center - A free dowloadable flash-card style game aimed at improving math skills.

Disney! Send freepostcards, enter a free games, stories, etc area. Find out all about Disney. Great site! Something for everyone. I even visit there and look around at all the stuff. :>

Barney! This is a great, safe place. There is even an area for parents to go! Lots to do here for free.

Sesame Street! Dispite the site trying to force over 30 "cookies" on me, (Cookie Monster obviously lives here..hehe) this is a great site, they have a virtual Elmo you can tickle and lots to do for kids, that are free!

KidsCom! KidsCom has just about everything kids between the ages of 4 and 15 could possibly want in a web page. There are games, puzzels, contests, crafts, pen pal pages, and more. And it's offered in four languages.

Kids Space! Kids Space is a fantastic site for kids of all ages. Much of the page is divided into age groups.

Gryphon House Free Activities Gryphon house sells books related to teaching and caring for young children. This page shows samples from some of their books. It is a good source for projects and information.

Parenting Information
Parent's Place A great place for parenting information. They also have a live chat!

Diana's Kitchen Tons and tons of recipes. You could plan meals for a long time from just her site.

Nap Time Notes! This is a great page to unwind with. Read stories outloud to your kid(s). Very enjoyable

Business Information Sites
WAHM So many good ideas, resources, information on this site its unbelieveable! I can not recommend this site high enough!

The Idea Cafe Another great resource for small business information.

A special thank you to Amy Schlicht of Custom Candles By Lights & Scents for letting me pick thru her old parenting site for ideas and such. Please check out her site, its great, well-laid out, and easy to follow!

Recommend Reading
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