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Question of the Week


As everyone knows, there are often questions that seem obvious, and are never asked. However upon further examination, I found that a few people didn't know the answer to the question or there was no one answer.

This month's question is:

Do you, as a parent, think that pacifiers are a good idea to incorporate into a baby's life?

Please send your various answers to be posted. If you wish to remain annonymous, please indicate so in your mailing.


Last month's question:

Will you be buying toys/items normally associated with girls, ie a doll, for your boy(s) child(ren) and vic versa?


I bought my son a doll. I see nothing wrong with encouraging nurturing in children. And I have no problem with my son and daughter playing with each others' toys.

Teresa (mother to Jody, age 4 & Samuel, age 2)

I see no problem with buying gender specific toys for a child, no matter the child's gender.
Just my two cents.
Linda (Trenton, NJ)


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I reserve the right not to post any answers that do not fit into the family atmosphere of this website.

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