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Sit back, relax and enjoy all that I have gathered and written to help. Of course, it is impossible for me to cover any subject in full depth. The articles, information, etc. are only meant as guides. Remember that your heart and your mind are your best guides. 

A little about myself is perhaps in order. I am a WAHM. My son is 9. Cute, smart and a handful. Of course every mother thinks this! I am divorce, have 2 cats, 2 ferrets & spend alot of time listening to others and trying to help them. 

I have written a few articles for different newsletters (off line) on parenting. And after prompting from family & friends, I am putting my experience up for everyone to see. 

I enjoy feedback, letters, anything so long as it is with respect. Any and all anti-social mail will be ignored. So, do you feel like saying something to me

Question of the Week
How soon should you start talking about the danger of drugs to your children?

Submit your advice to be posted next week!

Last Week
What is the appropriate age for your child to start wearing makeup?

37 Readers said age 13
16 Readers said age 14
2 Readers said age 12

NEW Book of the Month
The Work-At-Home Mom's Guide to Home Business: Stay at Home
and Make Money With
by Cheryl Demas
This conversational, supportive guide contains humorous essays and cartoons, combined with practical advice, to create a great resource for women looking to start a home business, as well as for those already working at home. Topics cover all aspects of the work-at-home lifestyle: choosing a business, making the transition, working with children (and husbands), taking care of yourself, promoting the business, and more. Author Cheryl Demas is the founder of, and a leading advocate for moms who wish to work-at-home while caring for their children. Demas and have been feature in BusinessWeek, USA Today, Newsweek, Forbes The Chicago Sun Times, and the LA Times, among others.
Did this book help/encourage you?  
(Results will be posted)
16 Readers said this was a helpful review.
1 Reader said this review was not helpful.

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